3d Printed Fallout AEP7 Laser Pistol

It all begins with the print…

I downloaded the original model from – its a fantastic model – all credit to the original creator.

I printed all the parts out on an Ender 3 in PLA at .2mm layer height with tree supports and brims. It took a long time to print particularly as I’d had a few failed prints at the start and took it deliberately slow after that.

I printed each piece one at a time and sanded each piece as it came off with 180 then 240 then 400 grit wit and dry paper. For those places that I couldn’t reach or had heavy lines that needed smoothing I used Mr Surfacer 500.

While waiting for the big bits to print I worked on the electronics – a laser emitter and a bunch of LEDs to give it a boost. I’ll cover the electronics in a separate post but here’s a quick demo:

Eventually everything was smoothed and filled and test fitted…

… so I primed all the parts in Stynylrez black. It’s a lot bigger than I thought!

Getting the metal right was always key to selling this paint job as a ‘real gun’ so I got to work on that first. If I couldn’t get it right the rest of the build would be buggered.

I gave all the metallic pieces a base coat of Tamiya Gun Metal shot through the airbrush.

After the gun metal had dried, I hit all the flat areas and raised edges with Vallejo Steel. It looks hardly looks different on these photos (metallics don’t photo well 🙁 ) – but it gave a steel blue hint to the metal parts while still leaving some contrast in the recesses.

While that was drying, I gave the body a base coat of Tamiya J.N. Green (XF-11). I left the grips plain primed black.

Next I assembled and super glued together the sub assemblies. I still needed access to the insides to add the electronics later.

Using a torn up bit of sponge, I stippled the body lightly with Tamiya Flat Green (XF-5) and Tamiya Olive Green (XF-58) and along the edges of the metallic parts with Tamiya Chrome. I stippled around the screw holes and edges of the body parts with burnt umbra and took it out into the sun for some daylight shots.

Even though it doesn’t look it in these pictures, the metal was almost there. I finished it off with rub and buff touched against the edges and for scuff marks.

Some daylight shots for comparison. Note – I used a *tiny* amount of rub n buff.

Next up came the decals. Thankfully the original designer has included a PDF with them on.

First, I tried printing them on inkjet waterslide decal paper but the yellows were practically translucent so I switched to self adhesive label paper.

I stippled over them in the same colours as the body to blend them in a bit.

Next, I cut a piece of network cable and painted it yellow and heat formed the cable brackets (that don’t come in the kit). I warmed a strip of pla sheet with a lighter, formed it over a biro and cut it to shape.

With everything in place I used Army Painter Soft Tone to dirty up the creases. I don’t want it looking filthy, just well used.

Once it was all dry I gave it another quick once over to see if I’d missed anything and took it outside for some photos…

All in all, my biggest 3D print build yet and another Fallout prop to add to my collection. I really aught to think about putting some costume together…