3D Printed Fallout Stimpak

Here’s a quick, simple build project that took a few days from start to finish.

It starts with a 3D print. I used this model by Shipbrook on thingiverse and printed it on my Ender 3 (with a skr mini upgrade) at .2 layer height, with tree support and sliced in Cura.

Once I’d removed everything from it’s supports…

I could get to work cleaning up and smoothing the print. I ended up reprinting the clips as they came out a bit rough.

The body uncrews from the top with just enough room inside to fit a cut down plastic test tube.

I superglued the cross piece in place and stuck on the tip. I decided against adding a pin as I’m bound to stab myself with it at some point.

I gave everything that needed it a brush on coat of Mr Surfacer 500 and then sanded it back with 400 grit wet and dry paper.

I did this a few times till most of layer lines were gone. I also ran out of wet and dry paper :-/

I let that dry thoroughly for a couple of hours than primed it with black Badger primer and put down a base coat of Citadel Iron Warriors on the top and Vallejo Natural Steel on the bottom and the cross piece.

I then shot Tamiya chrome silver over the bottom half and cross piece to bring up the shine.

I let that dry, then stippled AK711 Chipping Color on the top half using a torn up bit of sponge.

I used Army Painter Quickshade Soft and Dark tones to add oil / fluid marks and to pick out any details.

I cut a few pieces of wire and superglued them into the stimpak and cut down a plastic test tube to fit inside the body. I scuffed the outside of the test tube to age it and to mist the view of the interior a bit.

And that was it. We have good weather right now, so I took it outside for some glamour shots in the sun.

If you drop a chem stick fishing lure in the test tube, it even glows in the dark!