Build & Review: Academy #13411: 1/72 M1126 Stryker

The Kit

I’ve really been enjoying Academy’s 1/72 Ground Vehicle Series (this being number 9 of I don’t know how many…). I’ve previously build their Dragon Wagon, US Ambulance and U.S. M977 8×8 Cargo Truck and found them to be excellent kits. Happily, this one is no different.

The Build

It went together without much drama apart from fitting the sides behind the wheels. They had some tabs which didn’t align with the slots on the receiving piece but as they were on the inside and hidden from view it didn’t take long to widen the holes to fit.

The rest of the pieces fitted beautifully with no need for filler and no visible injector pin marks. The 8 wheel suspension is a bit fiddly but take your time and follow the instructions and you can’t go far wrong.

Once it was assembled, I undercoated in Poundland primer and preshaded it with Tamiya flat black. The final colour scheme would be dark green. I left the gun and wheels unattached while painting.

It doesn’t matter how dust free you try to keep it ( I left it on a shelf while finishing some other pieces)…

Next came a flat coat of Tamiya RAF Green. It was the closest green I had on the shelf and I’m not a stickler for 100% accuracy. It’s green enough, especially as I was planning to wash and dust it.

I followed my usual practice of aiming for the centre of panels and fading out to the edges.

Next I applied the decals, first gloss varnishing where they’d go and then chipped the edges and areas of most use using german black brown on a ripped up bit of sponge.

I gloss varnished the whole piece with Vallejo gloss varnish, my builder buddies keep on at me to try Aqua Gloss but I have a bottle of Vallejo left and it works for me so…

Once the gloss had dried, I applied a thick wash of burnt umber and lamp oil black oil paint and odourless thinners. Hitting the rivet detail and pin washing along the panel lines and into detail areas.

I let it dry for a while and then came back and cleared up any overspills.

I let that dry over night and came back with some more thinners on a brush and cleaned up any odd looking bits.

I flat coated the whole thing to seal in the oils.

The back came out quite nicely 🙂

I finished off the wheels by giving the rubber a coat of Tamiya rubber black.

It was only when attaching the wheels did I realise they were set at an angle. A nice touch.

I pondered whether to give it a light green drybrush highlight but I liked the dark green look. Stuff can look a bit new and shiny if you’re not careful so I finished off the details. I painted the backs of all the lights with Tamiya aluminium…

And then a couple of coats of Tamiya translucent red for the brake lights and left silver for the headlights. I dropped a black wash just around the lights to hide a couple of brush slips 😉

I gave it a light airbrush of Tamiya khaki from underneath and over the front to give it a dust layer.

Lastly I dusted it using Vallejo pigments. I didn’t want to muddy it up to much. All the reference photo’s I’d seen were of clean vehicles so I kept it to dust build up.

I took the next few shots in my DIY light box. You get crystal clear shots, but it currently washes out any tonal variation. I need to experiment more (and get more lights >.< )

It looks quite a bit different in the real world!

These 6 and 8 wheel vehicles always remind me of insects when they’re on their backs…

I’ll get some daylight shots once the weather cheers up. Meanwhile I’ve got more fiddling with the lightbox to do…

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