Build & Review: Games Workshop Seraphon Skink Starpriest

One of the attractions of Seraphon for me is the possible colour varieties available. Even so, I’d got a bit bored of painting scales so I switched to GW’s beautifully sculpted Skink Starpriest. It’s an expensive figure (I think I paid around £10) for it, but I won’t be having many of them.

It comes on a sprue of high quality plastic (resin?) and fits together without any issues. I glued mine together with superglue. There was minimum cleanup needed.

I primed mine in Stynylrez grey and then gave it an Vallejo off white highlight thinned with UMP thinner.

I’ve been using Army Painter Quickshades throughout my Seraphon builds and have a good angle on how I like to work with it: Start with pale base colours and layer Quickshades on top to tint.

I gave the skink skin a base coat of Army Painter Kraken Skin.

And the scales a base coat of Fog Grey

Next, I gave the skin and scales a blue quickshade. I used the brush to encourage it to pool in the shadows.

I blacked out all the areas that would be metallic with AK black. Any black will do so long as it’s matte.

Bone coloured areas were base coated in Tamiya Desert Yellow

And Tamiya gold leaf brushed on for the gold. I try to love some of the black base coat showing to give it some variety.

The bones were picked out in vallejo Ivory.

I built up the spines on the back of the head with successive washes of Purple Tone.

Time to work on the feathers. I planned to wet blend the colour bands on the feathers so I got my paint ready and got started. I don’t have much work time (my bright lights kick out a lot of heat) so I have to move quickly.

A blob of red at the bottom, then a blob of orange, then a blob of yellow leaving the tip white. Clean your brush and merge the colours together. Keep cleaning your brush.

All the bone areas got a soft tone wash – that’s pretty much all I do for bone although I might come back in and touch it up as it dries…

I picked out the eyes. Just a horizontal slit of white and a small V for the iris.

Around the back, I built up the highlights on the scales with a progression of fog grey and off white.

I tied the highlights back with another blue tone wash and picked out the dorsal scales in gold.

Silver accents were painted on with Tamiya gun metal and washed with Tamiya smoke, then all the gold got a soft tone wash.

The base was flocked with budgie sand and dry brushed. A few clumps of static grass and it was done.

A lovely figure (delicate though – be careful) and a bit pricey. Would make a great generic lizard man priest for other settings outside of AoS too.