Build & Review: IBG #72020: 1/72 Diamond T 969 Wrecker

The Kit

930674-17918-47I’ve been wanting to build a wrecker, ever since I watched AcrylicosVallejo’s tutorial of the Mirror Models 1/35 Wrecker. It’s such an iconic shape and a bit different from doing tanks. I like vehicles that ‘do stuff’.

I picked up the IBG kit from ebay as it was the only non-resin kit I could find at a sensible price. It was my first IBG kit so I didn’t know what to expect.

It’s a beautifully engineered kit and the fit is excellent. So good in fact, it can be left with cab unglued so you can show off the engine. Tolerances are high though, even a layer of paint can make some fits tight.

The detail is phenomenal too, it looks like everything on the 1/35 version is here. The only disappointment is the inclusion of a single bumper. The bumpers were often doubled up and painted in a more eye catching colour than the rest of the body.

I was planning on casting a resin copy of the one in the kit, but due to a happy mixup, I got two of the sprues with the bumper on! (And was missing one of the other sprues). The ebay seller sent a replacement missing sprue and told me to keep the extra. Sorted.

I took my time on the build so as not to mess anything up and eventually got the sub assemblies ready for painting.

I undercoating it with Poundland primer and gave it a basecoat of US Army green.

After a gloss coat of Vallejo gloss varnish, I applied the decals

Another clear coat to seal the decals and then a wash of burnt umber oils to start the weathering process.

I left the oil wash to dry overnight and in the morning I cleaned most of it off with Sansodor thinners and cotton buds.

I picked out a few details and worked on the wash a bit more

Next I chipped the exposed edges with Vallejo black brown and a piece of sponge. This is meant to be a workhorse so it should look like it’s been well used.

Now it was time for the windows, which are supplied on a flat sheet of acetate.

I cut them out with a sharp No. 10a and glued them in place with Micro Crystal Clear

Lastly I attached the wheels…

Painted up the bumper…

And attached and chipped it.

All that was left was to add a little pigment dust to give it some road wear.

I had to put it aside for a but while I worked on some other stuff, but I came back to it and added a bit of stowage

Overall an excellent kit, would definitely recommend and I’ll likely build another very soon.