Build & Review: Trumpeter #7243: Tiger I Mid Production in Winter Camo

The Kit

This was my first attempt at 1/72 armour after getting back into modelling. A great kit with lots of nicely sculpted detail and a breeze to put together.

I had a winter diorama in mind for this one so this would also be my first go with a Winter Whitewash. I used AK’s wash for this one but I have a pot of UMP to try on the next winter build.

The build progressed steadily over a couple of nights…


The Build

The sub assemblies ready for undercoating.

I  used Vallejo Dunklegelb & Dunklevert as a base coat after preshading. Not too impress with the Vallejo Model Air range, I’ve since switched to AK.

Once the base coats were down, I attached the wheels.

Then came a clear coat and a wash of black + burnt umber to pick out the details:

That’s the base coming together, there’ll be a separate tutorial on how I built it coming up…

Next, I touched up the exhausts and picked out surface detail.

Once the wash had dried, I clear coated again and added fixed the decals.

Now it was time to whitewash the whole tank. This was pretty nerve wracking as it was the first time I’d use the MIG product. It went fine though.

I let it dry for a little while then started to pull it off using water and a brush.

I tried to keep the whitewash off the decals, the edges would be blended in later.

A few more touch up and the tracks (rusted with Vallejo Air rust colours) on and it’s starting to look like a Tiger!

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