Scratchbuild 1/72 Modern Urban Ruin

The Build

I needed a base for my recently finished T90A and fancied an urban street scene.

I didn’t really have a plan, I just needed an area of street with some sort of blown out building to act as a backdrop.

I started with a piece of 2cm thick pink insulation form cut to size, using the T90A as a rough guide.

I made a mark for the road edge at an angle – it gives a bit more interest to the scene than just straight on.

Now I knew how much space I had to work with for the building I set to work, cutting the walls from scrap 3-5mm blue insulation foam.

As I hardly every measure, lots of test fitting with figures and the T90A to get the sizes right.

Once the building sides were cut to size, I scribed brickwork and added detail. This is supposed to be a wreck so I wasn’t too careful.

Once the detail was scribed in, I assembled it. I used PVA and held the pieces in place with pins till the glue dried. I left mine over night to make sure it was thoroughly dry.

Next I worked on the pavement. I wanted this to look chewed up too.


I had a delivery of Tight Bond – a woodworking glue that I’ve seen a lot of people using for woodworking projects on YouTube. I gave it a try on a test piece and its a *very* secure bond. Make sure you wipe of any excess before it dries though.

I glued the pavement and house down and knocked up a broken bit of fence from off cuts of plastic sheet and rods.

Now I needed to think about rubble. You can buy ready made rubble scatter, but where’s the fun in that? I dug out my gravels, sands and pebbles…

Next I chopped up random bits of rod, pipe & sheet and bent and distressed them.

For the rubble piles, I used ready mixed polyfilla, sand and tiny flakes of gravel and pebbles. I added PVA to help it stick.

And blended the edges with polyfilla.

Whilst the rubble was still wet, I embedded my debris. I wanted to give the impression of an explosion inside throwing rubble and debris onto the street.

I added other random pieces to the other rubble piles and some tiny 1/72 bricks. Twisted florist wire adds to the clutter.

And the build part was done.

The Paint.

I started with a grey UMP undercoat. The nice thing about the UMP/Badger primers is that they are acrylic base and wont eat foam so there was no need to protect it before hand.

Next I blacked out the road and preshaded the building and pavement.

I then airbrushed progressively lighter shades of grey over the stonework and rubble. Finishing off with a pure white for the final highlights.

Once this had dried, I started to pick out the detail starting with the bricks and wooden beams.

Finally I gave the metal pieces a rusting.

I let that thoroughly dry and then gave the base a wash with black brown acrylic.

Not forgetting the ruined interior.

Once the wash had dried, all it needed was a few clumps of vegetation and some grey, black and white filters to tie everything together.

I lucked out and snagged another sunny day for some photos.

You can check out my build log of the Revell T-90A here.

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